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Meet the Team

Circle of Joy is a family owned and operated jewelry brand in Effingham. Illinois. We offer permanent jewelry as well as rings and earrings. All of our pieces are hand picked to ensure they won't tarnish or fade as your wear it.   Keep a lookout as Fashion Accessories are on our horizon!

  • What is permanent jewelry?
    Permanent Jewelry is a new unique way to wear your necklaces, bracelets or ankets without a clasp. Your choice of chain is custom fitted to you and then welded for a seamless piece. We even offer charms to add for even more customization!
  • Is it really permanent?
    We offer a high quality chain option that is long lasting. However, if for some reason you do need/want to remove the piece simply take a pair of scissors or wire clippers and cut the jewelry close to the weld. Contact us for a re-weld appointment to get your piece back to an infinity loop
  • Does it hurt?
    Nope! We weld only on the chain and we place a piece of leather between you and the welder.
  • Can I purchase a piece of jewelry as a gift?
    Yes! We offer gift certificates that are the perfect gift for all occassions.
  • Will TSA at airport security give me trouble?
    No! TSA does not make you remove fine jewelry. You can enjoy your circle of joy worldwide.
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